Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And Now, A Message From CopperTone

I am quickly coming up with a list of favorites as far as conference talks go.  Every once in a while I will be surprised by a "You Stupid Cow" talk like last fall from left field that touches me. However I have found a few that I can count on to inspire me and make me feel like a real man in the priesthood.

Who would have thought that Elder Uchtdorf would be one?  And yet he is in my top five.  When I first heard him speak he looked confident neigh upon cocky, and things haven't changed - though he seems to be getting more tan.

I love to listen to Elder Bednar.  I love his BYU Idaho connection, and I appreciate his style of teaching. I get a feeling of calm listening to him, and that takes something. I believe him to be humble and kind.

Elder Holland get to the point, and it is always a point that needed to be brought home for me. Elder Ballard, Elder Oaks.  Of course, the prophet.  President Hinkley was a favorite of mine as well. 

Maybe its that I am getting older and can see their point of view.  Maybe its that I believe, for the first time in my life,  that they can see mine.   While I still have a hard time sitting still for two hours without a note pad and charcoal or lemon heads, I am starting to enjoy conference. 

I used to watch for the gay connection - hoping one of them would say something that would make life easier for those of us who are homosexuals and for people who love them.  That  thought then evolved into a hope that one of the elders would not say something to provoke or that would be construed as unfeeling or unkind.  Now I just pray that anything that is said will be something I will be able to cope with and learn from without too much pain.

I keep hoping that conference will bring my people together, both the SGAttracted and the Mormons.  They are both my people. 

Now, the real question.  Do you think Elder Uchtdorf fakes 'n bakes, or is it spray on?


  1. Its from flying ctoo lose to the sun with the top down. Pilot.

  2. Pres. Uchtdorf is definitely one of my favorites... I can't remember the last talk of his I didn't feel inspired.

    Maybe the tan is from basking in the divine light.


  3. I hope it's real. It would be disturbing to think otherwise :)

  4. I got to say that I am gay as can be, and I would liketo think I am Mormon as can be. I have to hide that I lesten to General Conference. And now that I have a undestanding of what it means to be gay, I think I undestand the Church and I wish the tow got along better because I wont both.