Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Gratatude

This is a short note in blog land. First, I wanted to create a place where we could all vent without repercussions later on in church.  So here is mine. Today I heard a  talk made by a predominant woman in the church saying she is heart sick for children being raised by homosexuals.  She showed us pictures...  This was my first "have to scream" moment of the holidays.  I wanted to show her a photo taken yesterday of my own daughter raising her child in a drug house near Palisades drive in Orem with eight guys, several mothers thirteen children and a whole lot of dope going around.

Anyone else have a rant to get off your chest? Here is a place you can vent if things arn't going so well with family and friends, or if you just need to blow up at someone.  Say it here.  This blog spot used to be used by many place ,but not as much anymore, so say what you have to say under anonymous nook and use a Book of Mormon Name to stay anonymous and we'll understand.

How can we , as a people get so judgmental during the holidays? Isn't it time to make amends if only for a few days in the name of family past or present - maybe even future.

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  1. I am tired of having perfect families held up to us so we can strive for them and then ball our brains out when they don't look anywhere near what we were told. When we cant go to the temple or have them with us when we get married. Or so we can fight about stuff and egos and in the mean time, do I want a forever family? Re-thinking