Saturday, October 2, 2010

Miracule Week is brought to You By: Diet Coke

Maybe I was looking for something. I wouldn't put it past me to sit back and wait.  I will met you halfway as long as I see you starting first.  I've done that sorta thing before.  Its a little arrogant, but it works at times. 

Ive been such a stanch supporter of the General authorities these last several months that I may have felt a bit entitled today just to sit and wait for the show to come to me - like when you have a free ticket to a performance or when you have heard how good a movie is - somehow it has to exceed all expectations in order to pacify.   I was wanting the conference crew to do well, to say the right things, to explain why suddenly it is very unpopular to be a Mormon in the wake of Prop 8.

I think I was secretly looking for a fire to be lit under a soaking wet offering burning it to a crisp so I could say I told you so to all my friends who are on the other side of so many issues. I wanted to have something that I could hold up and wave and say - we have something too that makes us valid and just as important.

There was no banner waved.  There was no fire.   Nor was there a sea parted, mountains moved - not one seagull devoured so much as a hamburger bun let alone a cricket while I watched.

And it didn't start off well.  The one general authority with whom I have had a personal relationship was moved to Emeritus statues.  So no more special treatment. 

But then the talks came one by one.  Non-pretentious, straight forward, unwavering and affirming.  Repent so you can holds gods priesthood power, modern day prophets are key, wisdom of the world is secondary to knowledge of God, empowerment, inclusion - the only thing mission was a chorus of the sisters sledge and "We Are Family".  Its only day one and I have had so much of what I've needed.  Leave aside pridfullness, always wear shoes around scorpions, good choices beget good choices - all things I need to fill gaps I have been working on for the last six months.

So, I feel good about recommending conference - even two more sessions at two hours a pop - Just as long as you can do something with your hands like make sill putty animals or play majong.  I have actually had to resort to bringing my diet coke/mountain Dew Red to Priesthood session- to my bishops chagrin. 

So, boys, Miracle week is in full swing.  So don't be shy.  Find your miracle. Make it happen.
And when its all over, I will tell you mine if you tell me yours.


  1. Itought it was the Pointer Sisters who sang WE ARE FAMILY? Or was it Nathane Lane in THE BIRDCAGE? Anyway, love the blog and love conference,

  2. Yes, even I with my granite hard cynicism felt myself drawn in by the simpler Conference moments. For sure I'm on the edge right now about my feelings about the Church, but Conference reminds me what it feels like to be a Mormon. Its still a thrill raising my hand, and offering my meager sustaining vote.