Sunday, December 5, 2010

DADT - Wink, Wink, Nod, Nod

I am having a hard time with DADT. 

On one hand I understand that there may be some that are uncomfortable sharing space with one attracted to the same gender.  On the other hand, I get to share space with people I am uncomfortable with every day. 

True, I am not rooming, bunking, showering and working with these people.  Even having roommates in college that got on my nerves,  I could still get out of the apartment and go somewhere without said "offending" person - taking a break.  

Military folk most times are not afforded a break. 

Sexuality is private.  Sexuality should not keep one from doing ones job.  My sexuality may be none of any ones business unless I want to make it so.  Still, do I need to hide it in order to work, or live or fight?

I want to tread carefully when it comes to fighting men and women who are protecting my rights and freedoms.  I respect them and their space.  But aren't these kind of freedoms the very thing they are fighting for and protecting?

What say you?


  1. I want to get rid of DADT. Ones sexuality is no more a problem for the Military as for police, firemen, polititions, lawyers - it just doesnt matter any more.

  2. To me, it's about integrity. We have to allow these great men and women to serve with integrity and it's morally reprehensible that DADT prevents them from doing so.

    As for sharing close quarters... gay and straight have been doing that for ages. If you regularly shower at your local gym or school locker room - you've been showering with men who are attracted to you. Ever shared a large tent/cabin at summer camp - then you've likely slept with gay guys. College dorms - same deal. All straight men have stood next to gay men and dropped their pants... it's called a urinal and you use them in public restrooms all the time.

    Now... get over it. We need to let our military men and women serve with full integrity.

  3. I have never known what to think. I don’t want to tell anyone they can or can’t serve, nor do I think we should be forcing anyone into an uncomfortable situation. I suppose it begs the question, is serving with someone SGA uncomfortable? It wouldn’t be for me.

  4. I think we have evolved to a point where we are a bit more "live and let live".

    A good post - thanks

  5. My mom used to have us all convinced that the house was a mess - so messy that it was going to take us hours to fix it up when we got mome from school. So when we walked in and the place wasnt that bad, we were relieved and just up and spent the tem minutes it took to clean. DADT is like that for me - a bunck of people making something out of nothing, and when they guys come home who have to deal/live with it, the jobs done in ten minutes. Lets base what we do on integrety and honesty and let good men and women figure how to deal with these personal sitiuations themselves.

  6. Personally, I think it's not that gays should not be "out" in the military, but rather in MANY military circumstances the people are, ahem, NOT very mature, generally pig headed and usually stubborn and ignorant. I can only say that from personal experience with people in the military. (NOT THAT ALL MILITARY ARE BUT THERE IS A VAST MANY!)
    Anyway, I think it is more of a protection to those who are "out" since the military, just like most law/rule enforcment agencies can't enforce or punish those who abuse or demean gays in the military. It comes down to words against words, and there is generally minimal proof to actively enforce the rules . . .cause some rules are only words and are not a code of action!

  7. I agree and disagree with what has already been left as comments, but as for me, I think that gay people should be allowed to serve their country just as much as anyone else. I can understand the argument on the other side.

    "Why should I sleep or shower next to someone who is attracted to me?"

    But they don't have any problems with women serving in the military, do they? Without getting too much into that, I feel that maybe the same separate living situations would be appropriate. Then again, filling a tent up with nothing but gay guys is just asking for trouble.

    Maybe there is no real solution that works 100% of the time. But I'm willing to bet that straight guys have nothing to really worry about. If something does happen, they can report just as much as a women can if she receives unwanted attention.