Friday, March 4, 2011

On My Honor

BYU HFAC - Home of the Flames
As reported by CNN, Brigham Young University officials in a Thursday press conference stood by the Honor Code offices decision to dismiss a standout basketball player on the Cougars' highly ranked men's team, saying they are treating him as they would any other student.

Officials did not specify why, nor would they confirm rumors to the cause of this students suspension during a press conference Thursday.

However, the non-Mormon friendly Salt Lake Tribune was quick to cite "multiple sources" that the sophomore violated the honor code and went on to name the spicific alleged infraction. (True to form, the trib can be counted on for anything salacious or slanted away from the church or church members who want to remain members.

The BYU honor code, for anyone housed under a rock, includes requirements for "modest, neat and clean" dress and grooming; abstinence from alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances; any sexual intimacy Hetro or Homo; prohibits members of the opposite sex from going in one's bedroom areas; and regularly participation in church services, either Mormon or another faith.

I was a student at BYU back in the mid ninety's.  I had friends kicked out for honor code violations. Just recently I blogged about several MDT men from BYU that were “let go” so to speak from their student status and had applications made for them to the U. Frankly, there would have been grounds for me to be so released when I was a student at the Y, and I could have been joined by at least 40 men that I knew of personally and factually.

Last year, another predominate sports man was let go – and it cost the football team dearly. He was repentant, he volunteered the information to the code enforcers. He was consoled and strengthened, and was still kicked out.

Many in my position, being SGAttracted (gay to anyone else) will say that BYU is unfair, or inconsistent. I do know that they try to follow standards and guidelines universally. They often fail. In my case they didn’t have the information, and I wasn’t going to give it to them. There are many honor code violators at BYU.

They are not the majority, however. And the fairness of these guidelines should not be judged solely on the opinions of those who choose not to live by them.  And while there should always be mercy, as is the nature of Christ’s atonement for us, there should also be justice, as is the nature of Christ’s atonement for us.


  1. Jeff in ColoradoMarch 4, 2011 at 4:22 PM

    3 points to make on Brandon Davies suspension:

    1) It's very admirable that the BYU administration would prioritize the honor code above something like a potential final four finish for this year's bball team.

    2) It is extremely unfortunately that Brandon Davies had to have his "transgression" splashed across national headlines. (Some will say that's the price of fame, but let's face it, he's not *that* famous).

    3) The sad unintended consequence is that BYU fans everywhere are also being punished for what Brandon Davies did. I know, this one is totally short-sighted and childish... but couldn't BYU have waited until AFTER March Madness to suspend the kid?

    C'mon, it's not as if he did something really bad... like kissed his BOYfriend. :)

  2. I take a little different view on 3) "The sad unintended consequence is that BYU fans everywhere are also being punished for what Brandon Davies did." I think of Brandon's suspension in the light of Mosiah 18:8: One of the things I covenanted when I was baptised was to be "willing to bear one another’s burdens...." I would have loved to see BYU in the playoffs, but not at the expense of the Honor Code. Anonymous in Washington State

  3. Brother Thompson, aren’t you a bit afraid that someone in the church is going to come after you, with all the things you have been involved in that are contrary to church teachings? Does your wife and family know what you have done? Aren’t you the least ashamed to offer up such a contradiction that is your life? You write under a fake name, so it looks like we have our answer.

  4. To Anonymous of March 4th 10:54pm. Really? Have you read many of the blogs on this site? I would suggest you spend a little time studying and less time poking fingers, please.

  5. Man! You might want to reconsider having anonymous comments on this blog. You seem to me to be the guy that represents repentance and trying to live right. DFollow a smarter voice and don’t listen to the fools.

  6. I have known “Cal” as long as I can remember. His life has been challenging at best. He struggled with his sexuality for years and did live an alternative lifestyle. Alternative for some – but not all. He ultimately chose to marry, have a family and live the teachings of the LDS faith. Honestly, I would have personally chosen otherwise. He is an exceptional husband and father, who always puts the well being of his family first. He understands how his writings may affect his wife and children. This is why his blog is under a “Pen” name – not a “Fake” name, as March 4th, 10:54 p.m. so ignorantly suggests. His family is not only aware of his past, but they admire the courage in his forthrightness and repentance. They also applaud his decision to try to offer support and guidance to those who are SSA/SGA. Particularly, SSA/SGA Mormons.
    His character speaks for itself. Others could most assuredly learn from it.

  7. More power to Cal. Dont let the little people get to you. Keep writing the good stuff!