Saturday, October 5, 2013

Here's to New Priesthood traditions

Some traditions were meant to be broken, like throwing stuff at weddings, denying people the right to vote, and outdoor plumbing.

But I like the tradition of going to priesthood meeting on general conference Saturday. Last week it was announced that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will broadcast the meeting live to LDS men and whomever else can turn on a computer or a TV at home.

I liked dragging my boy to the stake center for a guy’s night out. I appreciated not having to worry about what to wear or how to keep the young men entertained. (Wear a white shirt and listen-up.)

It’s true, our father-son tradition of getting ice cream after the Saturday night priesthood session changed a year or two ago — one of many changes I have dealt with since he started shaving more than I do.
We invited some neighbor boys to go with us, but that wasn’t much of a change. As a parent, I am prepared for more than one. “Wake up, “or “Put your phones away” works just fine in the plural.
There have been other interruptions in the tradition. Several years ago I was part of the priesthood choir that sang in the Conference Center during the October general conference. So, my son and I improvised on the tradition for that session.

We went out the following week and discussed our favorite talks, or the ones that stood out for us over ice-cream. At least I had ice-cream. My son had a shake, a coke, a banana split and a double order of chicken fingers.

The tradition was about my relationship with my son anyway — not where, when or what we ate.

Now we have the option of staying home to watch the live session on Saturday night, and I don’t know how I feel about that. I like the idea that the meeting will be open to more than it ever has before.

I am proud of what has been discussed, and pleased that everyone will get to hear the instruction my church leaders have always given to the men; treat your families with respect, follow the commandments and love your wives.

I won’t be surprised when “Mormon men asked to follow the rules and to be good husbands,” is not in the headlines.

My son and I will be at the stake center come Saturday night. Who knows about next year? This may be the last time all the men get together as the fashion mishaps that we are. It was a nice tradition. But sitting at home in my socking feet will be nice too.

One thing won’t change, I'm pretty certain. Dessert will still be on me. 

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