Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gay ads for Mormon men

I just happened to log on to this blog from an others computer and I saw an ad that made me cringe.  It was for a gay dating site.

I don't really have a problem with gay dating sites or straight dating sites, or  even for the farmers only dating site I have been seeing ads for on TV.  Frankly, the farmers only ad's looked like something off of Saturday Night Live.

But I do have a problem with this site that was being advertised on my blog.  It showed a half naked man from the back. 

The problem was this:  First, as a LDS/gay/recommend holding author, I am about giving gay men more options that are in keeping with standards that allow these men to earn temple recommends and to hold and use that priesthood honorably. Soft porn is not one of the options I am promoting.

Secondly, is that what we have come to as a society?  Pornography based (hard or soft) dating sites?  Regardless of the gender exposed, it does not say much about our depth of morality or character if ads created for success are based purely on sex and sexual arousal.

Is that how gay men are perceived -- that all we want is sexually based?  How cheep do they think we are?  Then again, if being gay is the major charateristic we identify with, then we may have caused that to happen, and we can only diswaied that perception by showing them everything we really are -- not just our sexuality, but our humanity as well.

And third, I am sad that some ad guy at a desk in Ithaca, Cleveland or Sacramento thought that my blog was a good fit for such an ad.

Nevertheless, I am trying to get this ad off my site.  If it is still up (just look to the left), tell me if you agree with me or not, and if it is down, then be glad for me.


  1. The ads you have are based on the user's search history. Since you were borrowing someone else's computer, more than likely, they searched for gay dating sites in the past. You have no control of what type of ad we see (unless you remove the ad all together.)

    I searched for a hotel recently online, so right now, the ad on the left is for a Westin Hotel in the city I had previously searched for.

    Don't know if this makes you feel better or not. :)

  2. Oh, yes it does. Thank you. I was able to get rid of dating sites, so its a win, sort-a-lose-with-a-little-bit-of-a-win, win situation.