Friday, November 1, 2013

For a seriously-not-funny laugh...

Please read this, if you can can swallow hyper and ludicrous conservative drivel:

Sister Joni Hilton has some repenting to do, and I usually don't take that stance with anyone. After all, I sit with the rest of the sinners and church and hope my God, friends and family will forgive me for the many mistakes I have made in my life. Deriding others for their band wagons is not usually my style, unless that wagon runs down innocent people -- like Sister Hilton's article on "liberal Mormons" did.
You, know.  "Liberal Mormons?"  They are the group of people that are going to hell based on her recommendations to God and the hierarchy of the church because she disagrees with them liberals, all of them, every single one she has lumped together into a hot balloon that is now hovering over the great abyss. 

I do not know Joni Hilton.  If I were sitting by her in church, I may not notice, from looking at how she dresses, or how she treats people, what she believes about her neighbors.  Based on the essay she wrote in a publication that has since recanted, Sister Hilton is pious and holy-er than you could ever hope to be.  She has stored a whole lotta oil for own personal lantern and if she were ever to share, she would first take out a full page ad to let everyone know how spiritual she is.

Please, do not seek out her upcoming book, or look on her website. When she is on Oprah, just turn the station. When she comes out with her own line of Mormon crockery or a calendar of "little reliefs from the worlds best Relief Society President, don't hand her your credit card.  Please do not support the kind of close mindedness that comes from her self-aggrandized beautiful mind.

However, if she should come out and blame her essay on her sleeping meds, try to forgive her.  She truly may not know what she does.     

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