Monday, July 7, 2014

Peeing for everybody in Pocatello

I had to stop and explain what was happening in Pocatello to Sister Magelby from my church. She is a bit older and doesn't hear right most of the time. 
I explained that Pocatello some time last year voted to allow people to use bathroom and locker facilities that best described and suited them personally with the least bit of attention available. A year later, the law wasn't working for some -- said those against it, that it didn't reflect the will of the people.  Therefore, according to the Yessers, there should be a re-vote. 
The fair Pocatello people said that it passed through city council fair and square and should be left alone.
So a big new vote was held at the anti-discrimination law was upheld -- by 80-ish votes. Then the Yessers asked for a recount.  They recounted and it still passed.
I have written of this a few times recently and I wanted to let folks of south eastern Idaho, where I have many family and friends, that it's OK to invite Neil Patric Harris to dinner.  Toilets are for everyone.
As Sister Magelby from my church said, "It really isn't any of our business where people pee as long as it is not in my azaleas".

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