Monday, September 1, 2014

The good humor man

I Know this is slightly off the current trend, but I needed to take the time to grieve in a way that wouldn't put me out of commission for a month.  This topic may be use and abused by now, and I apologize for that.

I would be lying if I said that I liked Robin Williams as well as the next guy.  I liked him a little more than normal.  He was one of my heroes -- and let me tell you why*.

It wasn't for his mania, his bouncing around from wall to furniture, or his insane line of thought. Frankly, watching him when he had free reign was a bit frighting. I was often on edge just watching him.  His energy was like gorillas on crack and, and it made me nervous.  

I, maybe more than your average Joe, know that for every brilliant and charming moment he had on live television, interviews or award shows, he had an equally sad moment out of the public eye.  The world loved him for his mania.  Would we have loved him as much if we had seen the down side?

I say yes.  I believe that is the reason I felt a connection with him.  I knew what the rest of his life was.

In fact, we my have found a way to relate to him in a more complete way if the world had known the madness behind the mania.

In the same way, I admire those who have a down side.  Those who are dealing with a challenge that only "comes out" when the door to the outside closes and locks.  The down side looks so different for everyone, but everyone deals and tries to heal.  Please let Robins death re-affirm that we are not as alone as it seems.

Robin Williams gave us so much to laugh at ourselves about, and in the end, what did we give back?  I hope it was love and appreciation.  I hope we all said to him when we saw him on the street, or walking his dog, or in the grocery store how much we appreciated what he gave us -- a humorous perspective on humanity.

*Quote from Bird Cage

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