Friday, May 15, 2015

Letter from a dragon mama

I don't get a lot of religious information form the Huffington Post, but I do get interesting tidbits about Mormons and Gays and the perception of both.

Today the HP published a letter from a Mormon Mom who is "taking a stand for all the gay kids in our church".  I encourage you to read it.  I can't say that I agree to all of her opinions of the Plan of Salvation -- but I can say that any error she makes is in favor of her child and others like him, so more power to her... and them.  Us.

Here are a few excerpts:

"... If I had previously entertained any doubt that sexual preference was a choice, those doubts were completely erased as I held my sobbing teenager that night in the kitchen, as he chanted over and over, "I just want to be normal, go on a mission, get married, like everyone else." And all I could think of was, "What kid in their right mind would choose ridicule over acceptance, would choose to be a pariah in his own religious community?" I received a firm conviction that night as I held him in my arms, that this was my beloved child and that our family would rally around him and support him, and we have."

I want her on my side
"...He is learning to discard the shame and self-loathing that his religious doctrine and culture imposed upon him all those years. I am hoping that he can finally see himself as I know God sees him."

"...Here in my community people have been incredible supportive, including a fabulously affirming bishop and an incredibly well-educated and enlightened stake presidency, but the doctrine remains the same. And young gay Mormons are dying to get to heaven where they hope life won't be so cruel."
"... They will not become straight in the next life...*  I will fight for love and acceptance. For compassion and Christ-like understanding for these valiant souls from their fellow saints and the community at large."

"Perhaps then families like mine will not feel torn between a church they love and a child they would give their life for..."

* I contemplated just not quoting this sentence.  I don't agree.  My own experience has told me otherwise. I would like to speak on this at another time, but feel free to comment and I will include your thoughts in the next posting. Even with a difference in a piece of doctrine I applaud, support and promote what she stands for.  

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  1. Diane is one of the Bay Area reps for Affirmation. I've been to the gatherings at her house every other month or so--she's such a loving person, and also a fiery one. "Mamma Dragons" is a good name.