Saturday, May 9, 2015

Proud of your Boy

As far as anthems go, the song Priesthood Men's grade would be graded about a B. The professor in my songwriting class at BYU would be more harsh. But I appreciate the thought and the effort behind it and its creation even if I am not left humming the tune like a Jerry Herman song. (Anyone around in the 80's, and by around I mean sentient, will know what I am talking about.)  

I am always looking for something that is uplifting to get me through tough times when I am pulled in a different direction.  By that I mean a direction that leads me away from family, service, and doing what we of the priesthood have been taught. I was taught incredibly high standards in my youth.  My heart is set on meeting them. Many times music acts as a reset, and it clears my head of..., well, of garbage. 

I have my songs I sing when I am sad. My favorite sad song is Proud of Your Boy.  It allows me to be sad without letting me wallow for too long.  Both songs serve their purpose.

So much of what I write here is oriented to the Gay Mormon Man part of this blog. I do not write enough on the second part - Men of the Priesthood

Having, holding, and using the priesthood has been huge for me. The knowledge that that I would not be able to function as a priesthood holder has been instrumental in keeping me in line.  The thought that I would not be able to access the power of the priesthood were I to step in another direction -- one different than the way of the Savior -- helps me choose to obey the prophets.

It goes without saying that I face challenges every day, and my outcome is still to be determined by choices that I make. Keeping the Savior in mind, and having a goal to remain worthy to hold the priesthood helps me in a way that is hard to describe. It has been, quite literally, a God send.

Here are links to both the a fore mentioned songs and a bonus.

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  1. I find your story, like many others, fascinating both on a relative matter and in an admirable sense. I’ve nowhere faced the challenges you’ve faced though I am experiencing some challenges of my own that is similar to yours. You have done a great job on sharing your passion and owning your decisions, while staying true to yourself and our gospel. Mahalos and ahui hou!