Saturday, August 8, 2015

Talents for a mile

My wife thinks that she was born with very little talent.  She is not a dancer, or a wiz with hair styles.  She is not a fashion icon.  She rolls her eyes and looks at the floor when the parable of the talents is read or discussed.

She thinks people look at her and make the same judgment call.

Wall Flower
She is severely underestimated. However, my wife can walk into a room and know the needs of others – both emotionally and spiritually.

When she teaches or coaches, what she is really doing is teaching life skills and self esteem. She plans it that way. She believes that how a person does anything is how they do everything and brings this approach to all she does.

She serves others by grabbing a shovel or a scouring pad -- not by saying, “If I can do anything, call me”.

She goes to every activity our children have, including practices. When people leave her they don’t necessarily remember her, but they feel better about themselves and are motivated to do better, be better, and have better. These are a few of her non-talent talents.

The reason I mention this is that there are others in the Church who, like my wife, wonder how they can make a contribution with what talents and abilities the Lord has allowed them. Some have talents that can be seen from a mile.  Some do not.

We are very focused on families and family life in the LDS Church.  Many members with SGA -- read, gay --  or those single, divorced, or in situations outside of traditional families wonder if there is a place for them. Often their answer is not obvious. But with direction from the Spirit, we can use our gifts to create a new place for us and all those we love.

We are all of critical importance regardless of sexual attraction, marital status or reproductive capability.  Each of us is a child of our Heavenly Father. We are honored to know each other, to associate with each other, to serve and be served by each other.  Our talents bless others and we are blessed by the talents of others -- all of which can come from unusual places.


  1. Having lived more than half a century, one of the things I have learned is that it is by design, not by coincidence what one of the most pressing needs of one of God's children is powerfully and effectively met at the exact time it needs to be by one of His other ones. This article, today, was confirmation of that.

  2. Talents are so diverse and yet sometime it is the unseen ones that offer our society the do you measure meaningful life altering expressions of love, optimism, healing, listening, encouragement or the practical pitch-inner who will help us dig out the manure in our life's stall. We are blessed too by all the visual and easily recognized talents, but hooray to the discovery of the "ONE" talent that we're all promised to have been given. Thanks for your post.