Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New announcement -- old policy

Yesterday it was announced that women in the LDS church will now be permanently included in leadership councils normally reserved for priesthood leaders in Mormon land -- read, men.

So, how big of a deal is this change?  Not a big deal -- if you are a TBM. In order for this to be a big deal, those in the church would need to recognize, or believe (Admit? Own up to?) the claim that women have not been privy to such councils before.

They have. This isn't a change in the practical doings of the LDS church.  It is a subtle rewording and clarification of church policy (not doctrine -- there is a difference). For some, it is huge, it's affirmation and acknowledgement in a world where words count a great deal.

For others it's kind of like finally admitting that Tim Conway is a regular cast member of the Carol Burnett Show after three years of "special guest staring".  I never understood why Carol was having Tim sign her autograph book at the end of another show - again.

Please. He was there every week.  The only thing that changed was the title on his door and possibly his paycheck.

Women can have permanent seats on the council.  Good.  There was a place for them before.  Good as well.  They have always had a place locally.  Ward councils include leaders from the women and the young women and the primary.

The times, they are a changing.  Or are they?

Here is an interesting quote on he subject:

"But we can’t tell the story of women’s expanding leadership two ways. We can’t insist that women have always been empowered while also declaring that their new roles are wholly groundbreaking. In fact, when we try to do that we remove the very reason that yesterday’s policy announcement made history: It’s major because we have not involved women in leadership enough in the past.  -- Jana Riess

Most people don't understand this issue; that there is a learning curve when humans are involved.  Yes, the LDS church is the Lord's church. However he teaches correct principals and lets us govern ourselves. Mortal men, and an increasing number of women it would seem, who are attempting to govern themselves with heavenly direction. But it is still self, voluntary government. 


  1. Always the progressive trend setter.

  2. Always the progressive trend setter.

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts, but have to disagree with you on this one. You say this is not a big deal because women have always had a say. Well, if that is true, why were there no women permanently on these Church-wide governing coucils before? At the end of the day, it was only the men on these councils who could make the final decisions. Women were not regularly recurring guest stars and they had no right to attend the meetings. Having a seat at the table, and being one of the official deciders, is a big deal. If it was not important then why would the Chruch bother to change it and make such a big announcement about it? It is okay to admit that the Church has in some ways been a sexist organization and is trying to rectify that. No one is going to take away your temple recommend.

  4. Edward, you are of the side that this is a big deal and I understand that side completely. I tend to agree. However, Mormons have said for some time that women do have a say - so this is would be more of a ratification of current belief, it not policy. If women have not had a say, then this is big news. "Mormon women finely get a say". I don't think you can have it both ways. You have a good point, and thanks for commenting.

  5. This would be new Newsworthy information if the women will have a roll in PEC. That would be huge. Would Priesthood Executive Committee have a new name?

  6. This would be new Newsworthy information if the women will have a roll in PEC. That would be huge. Would Priesthood Executive Committee have a new name?

  7. Priesthood and Family Executive Council