Friday, September 17, 2010

Whaa Hoo!

I must apologize.  I wrote a lovely essay to post, and I am going to sit on it - mostly because I am unable to sit.  I feel joyful today.  Its not that anything monumental is happening or going to happen (knock on wood), but that I just feel good with out upping my doses of caffeine.  I am grateful for friends, and family and wife especially.  I am grateful for talents the lord blessed me with - and I have a lot.  Where I may not have folks I can speak with directly about my SGA -ness, I have a bunch of people to whom I can blog and learn from both.  My life is pretty good.  Pass the potatoes.


  1. Nice going. We all need a reminder to stop and smell the smelly stuff every once in a while. Consider us reminded. Enjoy your not sitting.

  2. I love your blog. I'm doing a project for school, would I be able to share your story? Let me know if you have a way to contact you. Your story is very empowering!

    You're the best!


  3. Interesting blog. I appreciate how you have intellectualized your conundrum and come up with a solution that works for you. I'm glad you're happy and wish you the best of luck with your family, your blog, and your book.

    But I think that you have made a terrible mistake. If it weren't for your wife and kids, I would recommend running for all you are worth into the embrace of the gay community. I know so many ex-Mormon gay men who have freed themselves from their pasts and are so regretful of every minute they wasted trying to deny their nature. Like I said, I wish you nothing but the best, but I bet you fifty bucks you'll be having sex with men within ten years, one way or another.

  4. Well I like what you are doing here, and I cant believe someone is giving odds on wether on no you will fail. "Love your words and messages and you will be going down in ten years. Are these people your friends? Please say to me that you havent met them. You should have the type of friends that love you and believe in you. Find those kind of friends and leave thes neigh sayers be.