Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please, Not Again

Asher Brown’s family has invited everyone to attend the memorial service which will be held from 10am to 2pm this Saturday at Lakewood Forest Drive in Houston. The dress code is light. Shorts, flip flops, T-shirts are allowed and encouraged, which is “just the way 13 year old Asher would have wanted it.
       Asher Brown's newly worn-out tennis shoes are sitting in the living room of his Cypress-area home while his student progress report — filled with straight A's — sit next to them on the on the coffee table.
       The eighth-grader killed himself last week. He shot himself in the head after enduring what his mother and stepfather say was constant harassment from four other students at Hamilton Middle School in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.
       Brown, his family said, was "bullied to death" — picked on for his small size, his religion and because he did not wear designer clothes and shoes. Kids also accused him of being gay, some of them performing mock gay acts on him in his physical education class, his mother and stepfather said.  The 13-year-old's parents said they had complained about the bullying to Hamilton Middle School officials during the past 18 months, but claimed their concerns fell on deaf ears.
       David and Amy Truong said they made several visits to the school to complain about the harassment, and Amy Truong said she made numerous phone calls to the school that were never returned.
       School district spokeswoman Kelli Durham, whose husband Alan Durham is a Hamilton assistant principal, said no students, school employees or the boy's parents ever reported that he was being bullied. That statement infuriated the Truongs, who accused the school district of protecting the bullies and their parents.
       "That's absolutely inaccurate — it's completely false," Amy Truong said. "I did not hallucinate phone calls to counselors and assistant principals. We have no reason to make this up. … It's like they're calling us liars." David Truong said, "We want justice. The people here need to be held responsible and to be stopped. It did happen. There are witnesses everywhere."
       Numerous comments from parents and students on the Web site of KRIV-TV Channel 26, which also reported a story about Brown's death, stated that the boy had been bullied by classmates for several years and claimed Cy-Fair ISD does nothing to stop such harassment.
       Durham said the school counselor and an assistant principal received an e-mail from Amy Truong earlier this month, asking them to keep an eye on her son, but Durham said it was because of ongoing concerns at home and not about bullying.
       Brown was found dead on the floor of his stepfather's closet at the family's home in the 11700 block of Cypresswood about 4:30 p.m. Thursday. He used his stepfather's 9 mm Beretta, stored on one of the closet's shelves, to kill himself. He left no note. David Truong found the teen's body when he arrived home from work.  On the morning of his death, the teen told his stepfather he was gay, but Truong said he was fine with the disclosure. "We didn't condemn," he said.
        His parents said Brown had been called names and endured harassment from other students since he joined Cy-Fair ISD two years ago. As a result, he stuck with a small group of friends who suffered similar harassment from other students, his parents said.
       His most recent humiliation occurred the day before his suicide, when another student tripped Brown as he walked down a flight of stairs at the school, his parents said.
       When Brown hit the stairway landing and went to retrieve his book bag, the other student kicked his books everywhere and kicked Brown down the remaining flight of stairs, the Truongs said.Durham said that incident was investigated, but turned up no witnesses or video footage to corroborate the couple's claims.
       The Truongs say they just want the harassment to stop so other students do not suffer like their son did and so another family does not have to endure such a tragedy.
       "Our son is just the extreme case of what happens when (someone is) just relentless," Amy Truong said.
       People can make monetary contributions to Asher Brown’s family by mailing them to Pulse Missions, P.O. Box 570063, Houston, TX77257-0063, or on his uncle, Jonnathan Truong’s web site

       Anyone in the Houston area, Mormon, gay, Mormon and gay - please find a way to pay your respects.  May of us are trying to be out and about in order to put a stop to this type of behavior and this line of thinking; that people are somehow disposable. 
       We feel for Asher, his family and all who are being abused.  May your guardian angels step up.  May we be the guardian angels.


  1. I will be attending. I live literally right next to this school district. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Isn't this the forth or fifth this week? I guess gay marrage is not a problem if we kill them all off before they are 21.

  3. Way too many for this day and age. We must stop the hate, and we are not going to do it with more hate.