Saturday, November 13, 2010

Straight and Loving It! (Any Better?)

Super Butch isnt so convincing for me, but here is a shot.
My wife say my blog today and was a little upset with me.  Apparently, though she knew I was a freaky blogger and she knew the topic, the name of the blog had eluded her: GayMormonMan -Priesthood Men.

She has known since I started writing the blog that I was subjecting being gay and Mormon and trying to make the two work.  She knows I have gone through a life of active, RM, BYU dude, Mormon Performer/entertainer/writer and now husband and father all while being homosexual.  This was not a surprise to her.  But the title of the blog was.

First things first.  I am a little concerned that she hasn't been reading my stuff, though this may not be so huge because she is helping me edit the book coming out next year.

I think its just seeing Gay and Mormon in a place of predominance on the blog.  Maybe she thought it would be on the second page at least.  The problem having the subject matter be on the second page is that who on earth would know what the blog was about.  There isn't much room for subtlety.  I added Priesthood Men onto the title because I wanted potential readers to know in what direction I was leaning - toward the church.

I am not well know enough to just use my name - like Oprah!  CAL THOMPSON!  just doesn't have the oomph to pull it off.  My book will come out, and that may help as its about Homosexuals in the church, and the church for homosexuals.  It is based on a lot of my own experiences.  Maybe then I will get to call the blog something less descriptive, like Happy Mormon Men.  ...ummmm, no.   How about "Thompson Time!

I don't know.  Maybe I'll just stick to Oprah.

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  1. I like the name! It says who we are - we being a lot of the guys and gals who read this to find a way to fit in, or to understand someone who is trying to fit in. Thanks for putting up with periodic grief.