Monday, February 7, 2011

Blessings and SGAttraction

I was asked today by a non-family member to give a blessing.  My neighbor has been feeling poorly and she sent one of my kids who was playing outside to find out if I would come over. 

When I am poorly, a blessing is not the first thing I think of (not that her decision was off the cuff or flippant). I usually go for a pill and a diet coke. Actually, a pill and a diet coke sounds like the solution to most of life’s problems. That she would step outside herself and have the wherewithal to consider a priesthood blessing impresses me.

A little sad to say that I had to give pause.  My life has not been one clean and reverent and ready to assist in things of the spirit.  Maybe the mental listing is just a habit because I have not always been in that position to help. 

I am happy to report that, with a quick change of clothes and a little hair gel, I sit here waiting for a call to tell me when to come over.  Okay, with a fast run to my next door neighbor’s house to borrow a vile of consecrated oil, a change of clothes and hair gel I am sitting here ready to use the priesthood.

The power and authority of the Savior is the biggest reason to stay priesthood ready – to be worthy to use the power of God at the drop of a proverbial hat.  For me, it tops what I call the obedience factor (staying morally clean because the Lord himself or through his prophets says to). 

More specifically, as a worthy gay man I can access the same priesthood that the straight worthy men access.  As God created me, even with the SGAttraction that I have alternately despised and cherished, I am enough.

Father shares that power with us.  He shares it with me.

The best reason to keep my SGAttraction in check.



  1. Amen Cal. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. "... as a worthy gay man I can access the same priesthood that the straight worthy men access. As God created me, even with the SGAttraction that I have alternately despised and cherished, I am enough."

    This is nice. Yes, you are enough - just as you are!

  3. Not popular. I wonder how you keep readers reading. I also wonder why people arent screaming at you for this type of blog. Are there really that many gay mormons who support your stance?

  4. I support your stance, but at the same time, I struggle with the application of it. Sometimes it is easy to remember the reasons why we do things, and sometimes it isn't as easy. But I've discovered that when I'm faced with that oh so appealing temptation, that is when it is the hardest to remember.

  5. I support you. I support your blog. THere are many Gay mormons. Many turn away from the church because there aren't enough gay morons speaking out about HOW to be gay and a mormon at the same time.
    POPULAR, but not too loud. Humility. What else matters.