Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blog has a new Title

"Gay Mormon Man" was a good title. It cut to the chase. It was obvious what it was about right off the bat. The problem is that it seems to be describing sex as the general focus of my life. It has been in the past I admit, but it is not now. Maybe it's an age thing. I would hope it was a maturity issue.

Now, though it is not as accurate as I would like it to be. It may have another change or to, but I think that the addition of "Priesthood Men" may be a help it to fit better now. Regardless of the challenge, we want to hold the priesthood weather we have a homosexual issue or another personal issue keeping us from what we want.

I don't know. The "Gay Mormon Man Sight That Doesn't Focus On Sex? Not too appealing. And, honestly, there is a lot here on how to keep sex from running a life - for those who want something else than the norm. So I'll try the addition of PRIESTHOODMEN for now.


  1. love it - we need to unite at brethren in the priesthood and not hide behind any excuses

  2. I like the new. I do think we need to focus on what we want.

  3. Well Cal, I'm in a rush today, have to drive from Studio City to Las Vegas for a digital scrapbooking class. So I'm sad to see you erase the gay. Honoring the priesthood is not a unique struggle, it's a general struggle. Being in a MOM is unique. You might as well rename your blog men who got to church and like it. Many people found you by searching for gay, mormon. They stopped and read because your story is unique. They're leaving because cutesy (sp?)and self deprecation and now apologies to the point of eradication are just not a compelling mix. Now you are disappearing, and new people won't find you.

    Myself, I've stopped checking in because you seem stuck. There just isn't any movement. There are no bumps, or real challenges, there are solicitations of "what do you think of this" Oprah type questions, but nothing too personal. You may just be getting older, the jets are cooling and the sacrifice of self for the "greater" good just isn't the struggle it used to be. comfort, social acceptance, children, supportive partner, these are all pretty big benefits. So maybe there's the increasingly infrequent lapses of internet porn, masturbation, a fantasy about another young priesthood holder, but you're more than all of this now, and you've established that. You are happy and you've nothing really to say. Old men in suites who smile kindly, talk directly to God for you, and direct your sacrifice know what's best. You've come back to it again and again. So run with that. Why not try your hand at comedic writing? I think you're naturally funny. best wishes, now I'm off to Vegas (uuggh hate that town, why did all of my BYU friends have to come from Vegas? It's not like they even go to the strip! what keeps people there?)

  4. I like the new title. I dont think its what you are going to keep long term, but I like where you are going. It isnt always about sex, and this blog is pro - that point.