Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homosexuality's Divine Connection

I often compare gay men - homosexual men - if I may correct myself (following my own definition of gay as having or seeking same gender sex, homosexual as having the attraction whither or not acted upon) to men of the LDS priesthood. I have done this publicly for some time now even as recently as January on this blogspot.

I think of that comparison more and more as I interact with homosexuals, homosexual Mormon men, gay Mormon men and Mormons generally. Even as a father, the qualities I want to instill in my boys (and, parenthetically, my girls) are the same characteristics that I claim to enjoy as a Homosexual man.

I want them to be kind to others – even when they are treated unkindly. I want them to honor and cherish every human, man, woman, child, Ute fan...every one of us deserve to be treated with respect. I want them to argue their point passionately and listen to the other side with as much passion. I want them to be able to give and accept responsible feedback.

No satan rock, please. (I would capitalize satan but it's not deserved) Not that there has do be Broadway standards blaring, as a standard, but head banging is for the Flintstones and other one dimensional characters.

Let's see, nice to elders, articulate, educated, cultured, humble, teachable and sensitive. Not too sensitive. Good personal hygiene, hard working (Missionaries, anyone?) Give the shirt off his back – and not just to show off abs.

This is a good kid! This is a terrific man.

Homosexual men should be a part of the Mormon church. For some reason or other, popular opinion is that Mormons and Homosexuals are at odds. This is not the case. The Priesthood of God (note the capitals) is available to all who follow the commandments of the Lord, not just straight guys or cool guys or rich guys or proud plaid wearers. My brain and my heart and my personal priesthood experiences shout this knowledge out-loud and in print to anyone listening/reading.

We have so much to offer - much that is overlooked and undervalued. We who play for the other team are team players. We will assert ourselves as the real men that we are.

We deserve the divine connection, blessings and responsibility that comes with honorably holding the Priesthood of God.


  1. I believe in this blog spot. It makes sence to me. Positive affermation that we can be what we really wish to be and that the lord is there to help.

  2. Well, Homosexualities Divine Connection is a stong title, and the blog spot didn't disapoint. I am glad you made a point of stating that the priesthood of god is for those who obay.

  3. This blog is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Gay Mormons? Where are you from? And why don't you go back.

  4. Is that last comment for real? I dont see any humor, so I think it's for real. We dont have to put up with that cap anymore - if we ever did. Get a life and a pair anonymous.