Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Choose This

If the Catholic Church says it is not right to speak ill of ones neighbor, and are outspoken about it in the media, are they taking away your agency to gossip? I think most would say no.  The pontiff may not be happy with your choice, but it is your choice just the same.  Just don't run for Catholic of the year.

Do the Catholics still  have the right to speak out against speaking ill towards ones neighbors?  Do they have the right to say no to that on principal?

If the Seventh Day Adventists promote worship on a certain day over another, can you still choose to attend a Sunday school? Of course you can.  You may not be the most popular of all Adventists and they might decline your subscription to the WatchTower, but you are able to exercise your right to accept or not. 

If you squint, it could be Mormon.

So, do the SDA’s have a right to openly state their opinion?

If Mormons defend traditional marriage, even stating specifically that same sex marriage is wrong, can Matt still marry Bob? Certainly not in the Idaho Falls Temple, but they could try the YMCA or the church next door.

Agree or disagree, do the LDS have the same freedom of belief we all hope to have?

(Yes, there are factions that promote what I feel is are obvious wrongs -- retaliation killings, genital mutilation, etc.  These could be the exceptions that prove the rule) 

Do any of these statements/beliefs take away anyones right to choose?


  1. The analogy would be more realistic if your Catholics were pushing legislation to deny federal benefits to people who gossip.

  2. I don't know that any analogy is perfect - certainly not one I came up with. Are Mormons pushing to deny? Are the laws already in place that deny? I will research and report back.