Monday, April 15, 2013

More (and more, and more) gay Mormons

I am always a little excited when I see information regarding Mormons and gay issues.  I know that the SGAed are only 5 to 7% of the humans on earth, and those that are LDS and gay are even fewer, but I am one, and I write to people like me.
I know you are, but what am I...?

"It simply seems to me that the majority of other gay Mormons often don’t “come out.” As a result of their silence, members of our faith have felt little incentive to even think about gays in the church. They (are) ignorant, and they have caused real hurt."

Brother Hales decided to try to educate, "so off to my humble YouTube channel I went."

He decided to publish his coming out to his family and friends:

"The weeks in which I came out to my friends and family were the most emotionally taxing of my life."

 But during that time the LDS church announced their new Web site, "The new site didn’t change the church’s teaching on sexuality and marriage as between a man and a woman, but it did encourage our members to talk about sexuality and welcome its gay members."

Talking about an issue.  YES! 
And while we are talking, here is another story heard on NPR about...a gay Mormon RM from Idaho Falls.  It's a similar story -- and important for me because it tells that same story that many of us have gone through/are going through.

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