Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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There has been a lot of speculation in the last few weeks about, get this, not if there are gay players in football, but how many will be coming out this year.  The race has started.

The first football player in a major American team sport that plays for the other team may be a new kid from Middle Tennessee State, kicker Alan Gendreau reported to be a "deeply religious" place kicker who has been openly gay since he was 15 years old.

Mr. Gendreau was the Sun Belt Conference's leading scorer, and it looks like the Jets may be one of the teams willing to give him a try.

A little love on the field
Outsports editor Cyd Zeigler, says Gendreau could make history simply by being the first openly gay player to try out for an NFL team and the first openly gay player to make a roster.
Gendreau has been open about his homosexuality since he was in high school in Florida, 

Editor Zeigler says he was introduced to the football player, when he did a story on Gendreau.   At that time, three years ago,Gendreau insisted on keeping his identity private because he was afraid that the knowledge of his sexual preference would hurt any chances he had of playing football professionally. This time, the story is different.
"(Gendreaue) was afraid it would hurt his ability to get to the NFL," Zeigler says. "I could not tell him that it would not. Today I can."

It seems that the Jets and the Carolina Panthers are the teams looking -- not for the first openly gay player -- but for a good kicker. Since Gendreaue has not played for a year, he will probably not be any ones first choice.  However, he is hoping that he will be invited to some of the professional teams preseason/selection practices where he thinks he can impress the coaches.

As one who reports on things...whatever..., I am always afraid that people like Mr. Gendreaue will end up as someones poster child for abuse, either as the gay who wasn't selected, or the token gay dude who was only picked to be politically correct.

As the pendulum swings, either one may happen until we get over ourselves, and then hopefully, sexuality will not play a part in any ones selection for anything public.

I hope he gets a chance because of his skill as a kicker, and not because of anything else.

(And, just to keep things in a mature perspective, BYU kicked MTS's butt.)

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