Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LDS Gay and the F word.

In my work I am on the phone a lot.  I walk around with a headset and just plug in when necessary.  While on the phone with a person in California I was attacked because my voice sounded gay.

Attacked, I tell you!

OK, it wasn't really an attack. She called me a faggot (sorry to use that word) and offered to set me up with her ex-husband. I suppose that her thinking that I would be a match for her ex-husband should have clued me in that might have been little problem with projection going on.

And I would like to think that if she was face to face with me she would see that I am a person and not feel comfortable calling me names.

What does that mean, by the way, that I sound gay?  Was I coming across as way too smart?
Why, yes I was.  I know my stuff at work and I try to present it quickly and efficiently. However, not all gays have an IQ like I do (Oh, please) and they don't all access information as quickly (Oh, please-er).

Was it my charming sense of humor?  How about the three colones I had tried on during lunch?Was it that she couldn't get what she wanted from me professionally and decided to put me down in frustration?

YES!  And that is what really gets my goat. People act all politically correct on the outside, and in their hearts they still consider being gay as sub par, as less-than.

Which leads me to think -- something I am not used to.   Are there some people I consider myself to be more than?  Do I consider myself better than others that I come into contact with in the course of the day?
This is a faggot, and you are a pig.  Wish I could have said that.

Frankly, yes.

And I am convinced that is wrong.  I should not feel that I deserve any special treatment or special privileges than anyone else.

I am a bit arrogant.  However, my sense of self isn't super developed.  I can't look myself in the mirror and give myself a thumbs up.  So, do I try to pull others down a bit in order to feel , for lack of a better term, that I don't suck as badly?


That still does not give anyone an excuse to call me a faggot.


  1. You should never have to take that language from anyone. try to play dumb blond or pretend you didn't hear them right. or, if you are Bally, tell then they real people don't speak like that anymore. then, honey, you have to think happy thoughts and let it slipp away. -- love you and the blog, the fruit and everything. Mark P

  2. ...The fruit and everything. Love that movie.