Saturday, November 1, 2014

Frozen opinions -- a Gay Mormon rant

I am as weary of straight people attributing political agendas to the left as I am of the gay world feeling continually persecuted from the right.  Lately, presenting the Walt Disney, Co as the homosexual flagship makes me roll my eyes and break out into song. Almost.

No, dear friends of the homosexual and/or Mormon persuasion, The Little Mermaid does not promote the harvesting and raping of the seas, nor does Beauty and the Beast suggest all mental health specialists are inherently evil, or encourage animal husbandry.

The animated feature Snow White does not present satanism to our children, nor does it advocate taking the law into our own dwarfish hands.

Rapunzel is not a spokesperson for extreme hairstyles and her "friend" Eugene would not rather hang out with boys and steal valuable heirlooms that represent the family unit.

Aladdin does not uniquely puts his faith in something other than the Lord, and the Princess Jasmin does not want the priesthood, nor is she running from personal responsibility and the mantle of womanhood.

Recently read an 80 page blog on how Frozen is promoting the gay agenda.  However the only kissing I see in between a girl and a snowman, and a girl and an ice man. and a girl and a reindeer.

Read up all you gay people.  Take head straighties. Frozen is not a show that pushes the gay agenda.  Frozen is a show that pushes the make some money agenda and the musical theater agenda.

It is a film that suggests that, rather than face your problems head on, one should take time out to put your troubles to music.  Also, the more dance positions you know, the better your life will be.

That's the musical theater agenda. Musical theater folk would rather perform than..., well, perform.

It crossed my mind when I saw Frozen that there would be some that would use the show to their political benefit.  And by "some", I mean both screaming gays and blatant hetros.  I do not believe Frozen was written to promote any agenda but this one: that there is a time and a place place to be in control, a time and a place to let loose, and that, when in doubt, sing.  

And be nice to snowmen. 

And that princes wearing white socks should not be trusted.

Be aware, folks, that it is not just the loopy left that can be misguided.  The wacked right is also to blame.Read this which is directly from a Mormon Mommy Blog:

If you are seriously clueless as to what I'm talking about then it is imperative, particularly for morally minded parents, that you read this post and open your eyes to the homosexual agenda, and the principles advanced to promote it, that undergird (sic) Frozen, which is why it was written for Broadway* and will indubitably** be a hit - mark my words!***

* It was not Written for the broadway stage
** Impressive use of "indubitably" - last known use in the movie "Mary Poppins"
*** Love the drama, but this would be much better put to music.

Personally, I would love for Elsa to create a place for me to ice skate with my family and friends and I would like her to strengthen my ankles while she is at it.  I don't care that she has sheer sleeves and doesn't have any food storage.  

And I an not weeping that Idna is getting all the popularity while a talented Kristin Chenoweth is relegated to "normal" musicals with people in them who ride trains and singing operetta.

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  1. There is a gay agenda in Frozen (totally sarcastic) but my friend did point out to me one thing. While at the snow shop up in the mountains the store clerk points to his family out in the hot tub and there are several kids and another grown man. Therefore a gay family. But I think thats just pure awesomeness.

    Both sides can be equally crazy, and in fact, are.