Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Push those buttons!

Mormons are pushing the right buttons, and I say Yah!  or Yeah!  I can't spell it but I am saying it.

I have always been proud to be a Mormon.  Always.  Sometimes I looked like a farm boy from Idaho in the polite protestations of my faith.  I have been called ignorant, and blind.  I have been called gringo and fag.  I have been called a Ute fan.  

That last one really hurt.

On my mission, when I would bear my testimony, I was sometimes questioned about polygamy, or my underwear, or a slew of things I felt I had to keep somewhat mum about. 

Even in the days when I was actively being gay (having sex with men) I defended the church. That should have clued me in -- that I was feeling strongly about both the LDS church and about my homosexuality.  They were both completely totally real for me. I feel the same today.  I know that the Church is true, and I know that I am gay.

I was never really good at keeping mum. If I was ever asked about something church-ish I would do my best to explain while trying to be respectful to all involved. Even once, in a very compromising situation (not going to get into my past much on this blog) I defended the church and the church leaders while acting very much like someone who would have a problem with the churches stance on homosexuality.

(It wasn't a secret that I was gay, nor was it a secret that I believed wholeheartedly in the priesthood and the authority of the LDS church.)

Now the church is doing the same thing.  No, they aren't doing that same thing at all, but they -- the leaders -- are doing their best to explain churchy stuff while being respectful to those involved. 

Therefore, today's 


is brought to you by this Deseret News article on Mormons making clarifications.

Today's clarification concerns LDS stances on suicide and suicide prevention. The gist is that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released a new "Mormon Message" video regarding suicide prevention.

The video, entitled "Sitting on the Bench: Thoughts on Suicide Prevention," encourages people of the LDS faith and others to be aware of those around them and to offer help by reaching out..

Thrilled.  I am thrilled by this video and by the sentiment that is firmly attached.  My own mother took her life in 1974.  Had those around her been aware of symptoms and behaviors, her death could have been avoided and she could have gotten real help.  Of course the bulk of the help in 1974 was a butt load of Thorazine, so maybe this is the perfect time for the LDS church to put such a video out.

With the video is a  painting by Greg Olsen in which a boy sits on a bench next to Jesus Christ. Nate Olsen, Gregs son,shares the personal story that inspired the painting involving a friend of his who took his own life.

Tomorrow I will write about the churches stance on Polygamy.


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