Saturday, March 14, 2015

The believers, the un-makers

I have been following a popular case of a man who has made clear that he doesn't believe in the LDS church or in following the council of it's leaders. He is now, however, making news because he wants to be re-admitted into the ranks of Mormons in full fellowship. 

Apparently the PR he received is waning and he needs an attention boost. A smart move that will keep people downloading his pod-casts for another month or so.

To the point: There are those who wish to distance themselves from the Mormon belief system and doctrine. Their stance is their own business and their own choice completely. In the past I have fought for our God given agency to choose and I still do. It is not ones choice or ones choosing that I speak of here.

This is the portrait of Christ
 that I grew up with.
The issue is this; Who do I choose to follow? Who do I believe? In whom do I put my faith?

The un-makers would have you believe that they alone poses genuine understanding or that only they are smart enough to interpret facts or read a book.

Joseph Smith was a polygamist they say. Really? Like I have never heard that.

Emma Smith stated that the prophet looked in a hat to read through seer stones. Wow. another shocker.

The temple presentation and the masonic ceremony have much in common. More than much, if one is paying attention. And I knew these things and more when I spent a family vacation in Nauvoo at the age of 13.

Do you want to talk grand masters and salamanders?  Been there.

The majority of us have known about these things for decades, and our faith is neither shaken nor stirred. We acknowledge that there are questions for which we currently have no answers. But we trust that there are answers to be had and that answers will be given to us if we are faithful enough to obey now.  

We believe in the power, authority and the atonement of Jesus Christ. We seek after truth and we expect new knowledge. When we find real truth it does not throw us into a tailspin.

We do not lack for talent, articulation or nuance. We aren't the leftovers with no-place better to go but to church for three hours on Sunday. And here we are courageously taking a stand.

We are they. We are those who believe.


  1. Love, love, love this post. Amazing!! I, too, am one of the believers. I love the truths of the gospel. Thank you for such a stellar post!!!

  2. This was a great post. My personality is that of a skeptic. I'm not quick to believe. But my experiences have definitely taught me of the truthfulness of the gospel, and God's love for me.

  3. It took a move out of Zion and a major life shake-up for me to confront rather than hide behind my doubts. I am so proud to stand tall with the believers and both defend and invite others into the Church.