Monday, October 6, 2014

December brides and the Supreme Couurt

As of two hour ago, the Supreme Court has chosen to not to hear this term a cases referred to them by five states -- Utah included -- regarding same-sex marriage. 

From what I understand, that means that Utah will have its law allowing same sex marriage upheld and there will be gay marriages allowed before Christmas. Even sooner.

I am reminded of the War Prayer written by Mark Twain.  When Norma prays that gay marriages wont be allowed it affects Bob, who is praying for the right to marry his companion. Praying to get things done your way may very well mean that harm is done to others.  I believe that we should pray for us to know the way the Lord would have for us -- us, meaning all of us.

So, make sure that your cards for Williams-Sonoma, Babies 'r Us, and Sports Authority and the army surplus stores are paid up and active.

Regardless of your stance on gay marriage, it would behoove us as a people to wish those getting married happiness and health. Hate is not part of anyone gospel, certainly not the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

May we all follow the advice of Governor Herbert when he asked us all to act with respect and kindness toward our neighbor regardless of their support or non support of what is, for now, the law of the land. 

And let us pray to know how best to help our neighbors.

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