Friday, October 3, 2014

Socks and priesthood men

Here is a little something for you to do in General Priesthood meeting -- for those of you that go to the meeting at the Conference Center in Salt Lake, or at your local stake center. This game is a little like conference bingo.

-- Watch the ankles of the men.  The older the man is, the higher the socks will be.

It's true.  My socks are about to my knees.  I've seen a few support socks that I am salivating over. My sons socks are barely seen, and the hair on his legs threatens to take over the bench. My fathers socks wrap around his thighs and fasten onto his belt.
I'm guessing 27 to 29 by his socks and wrinkled jacket.

There will be a few colored and patterned socks paired with nice and expensive brown leather shoes.  I used to fall into this category.  I used to match my belt and shoes as well. And iron my shirt.

-- Also, watch for the "sleep stance".  The teens and younger men will lean over, forehead almost touching the pew in front of them, put their elbows on their knees and sleep in that pose.  Older men will just fall asleep where they stand.  Or sit.

-- Some will snort.  I am a snorter. A large snort doesn't come out of the blue.  Apparently I work up to the grand snort that wakes me up and makes everyone giggle.  When I do it in priesthood meeting, everyone around me pats me on the back in congratulations.

Others will nod and jerk.  I don't do that.  It would give me a headache.

-- Are you a white shirt-er?  Most everyone will be. There will be nicely laundered and pressed shirts, shirts thin enough to see a guys G's, button collar and pointy. There will be the occasional light blue shirt and, depending on the area, there may be a pink one.

The pink will not be some single guy who neglected to extract his new red Utes tee shirt from his whites.  He will be wearing the pink button-down by choice.  Who knows what he was thinking.  Due to the errant Utes shirt, one can guesstimate that he is a rebel. Or that he has no taste.  (Pink is fine, but Utah?)

Bottom line is that there is room for everyone, regardless of the style. The white shirt and black suit uniform is not mandatory.  It is more important how you live your life and what kind of person you are trying to be.

Hover, please rethink anything having to do with the U of U. Talk about tacky.


  1. I couldn't agree with you any more about the U. Well said.

    Great post!

  2. This reminded me of a Dr. Seuss book! With a little effort I think you could make it into one.