Sunday, October 12, 2014

I think I just coined a phrase! I'm The King of Marmohos!

MarMoHo.  It's my new word.

And I, myself, am king of the MarMoHos. Unfortunately, there are no cash prizes involved.  But the good news is that I already have a tiara.

I am a Married Mormon Homosexual.  That is, I am married to one of the opposite gender -- gay Mormon married man married to a wonderful woman.  She has always knows of my orientation because I told her before we ever dated.

And now it looks like we are going to be able to be sealed in the Temple.

We have had a bit of a struggle with church leaders over our wanting to be sealed.  Who'd have thunk?  former leaders of ours have questioned the appropriateness of our desire.  We have only been married for 15 years, after all.  It may be a little too soon.

Couples have been marrying for years -- couples that are opposite gender with one being a moho for YEARS and there has not been a question.  In fact, family members of mine with the same issue were discouraged to marry just one generation back.  I suppose no one even mentioned it to their church leaders before that.

I understand where our leaders are coming from.  The pendulum may have swung to the opposite side.  Instead of get married it will fix you, no they are saying, don't get married -- it wont work. However, I have said this with much respect, to our leaders:

My name is Cal Thompson and I am gay.  I am married to a woman who has completely different issues of her own.  I live with hers and she lives with mine, and we are OK with that.  We are true to each other, we have temple recommends received with honesty, and we wish to share the blessings that come from following the commandments of the Lord through his prophets.

Of course I could be getting myself worked up over nothing. This time, our bishop and stake president may not have a problem with following the church handbook.  OK, too passive aggressive. Let me try again...

This time, our bishop and stake president may not see the dissimilitudes between us and a "normal" couple. Maybe all our years of trying to do the right thing will be taken into consideration and I will be able to make my wife an honest woman.

And. no, you can't borrow my tiara.


  1. That's great, your majesty. I'm dumbfounded that your priesthood leaders would be so cautious about you being sealed to your wife and children. Maybe they don't comprehend how common the situation is. I suspect that from 6 to 10 percent of temple marriages are of mixed orientation. I'm excited for you. Congratulations.

  2. I've long felt I was different. Now I have a new word for it: Marmoho! Delightful. Thank you! And good luck with your leaders. Sometimes we have to lead them. May you have success in gently doing so. And congrats on your 15 years. You could call it a teenage marriage.