Saturday, January 10, 2015

Carol Lynn and cough syrup

Somewhere inbetween the time when I had my first homosexual feelings and before I understood intellectually what it was to be a homosexual I became aware of Carol Lynn Pearson.

The order was love. My mother was in the orchestra for a large and professional version of Carol Lynn and Lex's Mormon musical before that other Mormon musical  On stage a real looking cottonwood tree was dressed up to look like a weeping willow. Hanging from it was a wooden swing. My heart ached for the girl swinging and singing to the tree.  

I met Carol Lynn as a gangly child and got her autograph and I could have died right then. And this was before My Turn on Earth had seen the light of day.
This is not a photo of
Carol Lynn Pearson

Yesterday I read her commentary on a recent article of statistics concerning gays and Mormons and gay Mormons. 

After I was through reading Carol Lynn's comments I was in tears. Carol Lynn didn't give my marriage any hope. In fact, if I were a young gay man looking to be married to a woman with full disclosure and honesty she would discourage me.

I sat at my computer guzzling cough syrup to keep from puking up a lung, washed that down with diet coke and an occasional chill cheese corn chip and I cried. My idol had come down against my marriage in favor of statistics that clearly state a mixed orientation marriage such as mine could not last and would be devastating for both partners and their children.  She also cited her own personal experience.

I know about her experience -- at least as much as some guy outside her family who has read her and of her and of those by her can. Her experience is severe and intense and incredibly telling.  Had I had her experience I would insist the very same thing -- that gay guys marrying straight women is folly mostly perpetuated by fools (as opposed to knaves).

I agree with them -- more Carol Lynn than the stats. The odds, literally, are remarkably small. They appear to be the same odds as getting into heaven if you are wealthy. And, by the way, trying to manage my wealth and staying humble will never be a problem for me.  

But, as stated by my chicken friends in Chicken Run (and I believe that all chickens are my friends):  

Bunty:  In all my life, I've never heard such a fantastic... load of tripe. Oh, face the facts, ducks. The chances of us getting out of here are a million to one.
Ginger: Then there's still a chance.

Even if there is only a one in a million chance, there is still a chance. That is important to me and others on the good ship MarMoHo.

I still love Carol Lynn -- maybe more than I did before.  She has been respectful, truthful and kind.  And that hair!. I also appreciate those who put so much time into the surveys and published the stats. It is wonderful to not be ignored. 

And having red both, I firmly believe that my wife and I have a chance.

OK.  Two more chicken quotes:

Rocky: You see, flying takes three things: Hard work, perseverance and... hard work.
Fowler: You said hard work twice!
Rocky: That's because it takes twice as much work as perseverance

Babs: Morning, Ginger. Back from holiday?
Ginger: I wasn't on holiday, Babs. I was in solitary confinement.
Babs: Oh. It's nice to get a bit of time to yourself, isn't it?

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