Thursday, January 15, 2015

Moments in the woods

Back when I was young and beau-d-ful I attended one of those motivational self-awareness group where we were broken down a bit and then re-programmed. Re-programmed isn't exactly the right word but it gives you an idea. 

It was painful. I had to look at myself from a different angle and do a little fix-er-up-ing in a concentrated few days. While I don't necessarily recommend that particular experience for everyone, I believe that the concept behind it was solid.

It made me more aware. And one of the key things it brought to my attention was that every challenge or difficulty gave me experiences that brought on change. 

Improvement. With every challenge I improved. 

With that in mind, 
I would like to shout from my rooftop 
that I think today 
is a great day 
to be a Mormon!  

Maybe just a great day to be alive regardless of who you are or what you are dealing with. 

People are pondering and asking questions and getting answers. Some answers are slower coming, but options are being considered and people are opening up a little... and then a little more.  

The TLC program brought up a lot of issues for us. Some of us were disgusted by those liberal gay people, or appalled by those liberal gay people who were trying to be conservative and be straight. Others got what they needed to support their political stance regardless of direction, and facebook lit up and ain't it great!

Ain't it freaking great that we are talking about important issues and life altering complications that force us to re-examine what we think and who we are and how we show love. And after we have struggled and cried (and maybe yelled a little) we show our family and friends how much we love them and pack it in for the night. 

I am taking a moment to be thankful for those moments in the woods that make our lives worth living. Regardless of what side you are on, please take a moment to thank the Lord for choice and change, for love and reason, for family and friends, for the ability to improve.


  1. And when the Mormon Church stops threatening to excommunicate people like John Dehlin, it will become an even better day to be a Mormon. Until then...

  2. I have recently started reading what Brother Dehlin has been teaching. This speech of his is an important read/listen. I still believe that the teachings of the LDS church are true. How is it that they contradict each other? I will report what I find. Thanks Edward for your comment.