Monday, January 5, 2015

That is not me on TV

Years ago, back when I wore cute cloths in quaint sizes like 32 long and medium, I remember the hubbub when Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America. Clear back in 1983, before I was ever the king of the Mormon Gays I remember thinking how nice it would be when poor Miss America wasn't defined by her skin color but for a talent or ability. 

It still happens. Two years ago was the "first Indian Miss America". At least this year a girls talent was the first thing mentioned -- and I am not talking about the little red cup thing. Miss New York became the first Miss America who had been kicked out of her sorority for hazing.How is that for a talent.

These last few months we have heard of a TV show all about MarMoHos (Yes, I coined that phrase) Married Mormon Homosexuals. First,let me say that I am glad for the press -- for it to be known that gay Mormons exist. However, we are made out to be somewhat freakish. Maybe we are. Freakish is the one f-word that I don't mind so much.

Those of us in this boat are neither considered real gays nor are we real Mormons. I have a posting on my own facebook page from a "friend" that clearly states that MarMoHos are contributing to self esteem problems of women in the LDS church.  

Well screw that. Won't it be nice when people are known for a talent or ability and not our sexual preference?
That wasn't so hard now, was it?

Then I remember that this is reality TV for a crowd that doesn't really want to watch real anything and I chill a little and sorta regret saying "screw" on my blog -- and for possibly overdosing on the cough syrup just before I got online.

Conclusion. I won't be so sensitive.  But will someone please tell these straight reporters to stop getting their shoes at Walmart.

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