Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Booth Is Closed

Short essay. Its late Tuesday - or early, rather, Wednesday morning. Just as I was ready to hit the proverbial hay I remembered that it is garbage day today. So I pulled my jeans and boots on and pulled the cans out to the road. We have two cans because we have a lot of trash. We have a lot of trash because I collect junk, store it for a year or so, and then throw it away to make room for more junk. I am very good at this.

My wife has been sick and not sleeping well with sore everything, and fevers on top of it. When she doesn't sleep well, I don't sleep well. But I finely got her drugged-up to the point where she is beathing heavily, and that is good. She doesn't like visiting the doctor, but she reluntly succumbed, and I was ruthless and relentless and I think she's on the very loud and snore-y road to recovery.

All this reminds me that I love her.

Thats what the essay is about this morning.

It's not that she is so beautiful that I fell at her feet years ago. She's not rich. She isn't as skinny as she was back when she beat people up for a living. Most underestimate her if they even think of her at all. The Relief Society crowd tends to roll their inner eyes at her.

By the way ditto back at me; not rich, not as skinny, not beautiful - though I still have my hair. And I get my fair share of the inner eye roll when I teach Sunday school as I am considered the blue-collar "salt of the earth kind of guy".

Why she was willing to take a chance on me I don't know. Even with her rough life and big tissue-issues she still said "yes". Why I was willing to take a chance on her I don't know either. It wasn't like me at all to get anywhere near close enough to marry - man or woman. I thought maybe for awhile it was some kind of convenience factor. Nope. Insta-family ain't all it's cracked up to be. Nor was it an overwhelming father-ly instinct either - I would spend my kids last dime on a refill diet coke if it came down to it.

I think that something in her spirit spoke to something in mine. Not very romantic, I agree. But truth. Soul to soul.

There are hundreds of reasons why we shouldn't work as a couple. Only a few why we should.

Thank heaven it wasn't up for a vote.


  1. nice blog. wish there ws more of it. I would like to know how it all came about.

  2. "Thank heavens it isn't up for a vote."

    Yes, thank heavens no one wants to put your relationship up to a vote. I wish more people in the Mormon church would understand this concept.

  3. It amazes me that my wife sees something of value in me. I am truly a lucky man.

  4. This was an essay about a relationship. It didn't sound political in nature to me.

  5. Nothing is political. Everything is political. Relationships should be about two people – and the twenty's of folk reading about it on a blog. Would I be happy to have people vote whither or not my marriage would eventually will out? They did vote actually – a straw poll at our reception.
    We lost. Yet ten years latter...

  6. In an ideal world, my relationship wouldn't be political, and I could deal with lighthearted, entertaining straw polls. But, because of the bigotry of some, it is very political. For many like me it involves the denial of basic human dignity, and for even a few, it can mean the difference between life and death. I'm sorry this makes some people uncomfortable.

  7. Sean. You are the master of making it all about you. Not your reception, not your essay, not the point.

  8. Well, I have got to say that there are not many blogs out there by true MoHos. And by that I mean Homosexual people that are current members who support the doctrene. You look like one of the few. I will read this blog as I am one and am strenthened by what I read here.

  9. What if something in a guys spirit said something to another guys? Would I be strong enough, or determined enough, or whatever to say "No sex unless we are married?" I dont know. I think there wisdom in following the prophets - as you suggest many times- But, to be frank, does that mean no sex for me?