Monday, March 29, 2010

Take My Wife...

Many a true word hath been spoken in jest..
"William Shakespeare 'Roxburghe Ballad'

I have always thought that humor was the best way to be serious. Or maybe I adopted that theory when I found that I could not get through a serious conversation without a joke or a sarcastic remark - even when I was very much into the topic du jour.

Sometimes a truism that is much too painfully or provokingly served outright can be hinted-at or stated with lightheartedness and be made easier to swallow - "a spoon full of sugar" has been said. Many a conversation I find myself digesting, as it were, in the car on the drive home. That is when I get the point. Or hope the others get my point - there in their car after they have laughed and where they can't hit me.

My life is so serious! I'm a gay guy who wants to hold the priesthood. How to be a dad and a husband? How to obey the commandments? How to bring home a paycheck? How to excel and denounce mediocrity? How to get my truck to start through fasting and prayer? How on earth could one make it through the day without smiling or laughing or making fun of othe... yourself. Folks, a day without humor is just not funny.

My sense of humor is a bit bizarre, but I like it. It works for me.

I use my wife as a comidic barometer sometimes. I ask my wife if I am funny. She sayes "I don't know. Say something funny."

She is a card like that... Wait a minute!


  1. You're not funny.

    Okay, a little....

  2. I love to laugh, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  3. I like that you are funny. I like it that I can hop on the blogs and feel like there is some hope - like when I walk out of generl priesthood meeting - I feel lkie I can take on other peoples crap and not get down. TXS