Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Staying With Nancy

It was red and yellow and green and brown
And scarlet and black and ochre and peach

I learned several things this Sunday.

1: The easiest way to keep me from making any comments in Sunday School is to keep holding church at 9:00 in the morning.

2: Hot glue can hold anything for extended periods of time if enough is used.

3: Doing the right thing may not bring instant rewards.

I think of Joseph (of Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat fame) and his experience with Potiphar' wife, Nancy. Joesph tries to remove himself from temptation and makes a run for it. He does what he thinks is the right thing, does his Heavenly Father proud and gets jail time in one mighty whoosh of his Egyptian man-skirt. There were so many reasons for him to justify what would have been a moral transgression. (I myself may have latched onto justification-number-one that said that I could either end up dead or with Nancy.)

Joseph did the right thing by leaving Nancy in the dust. And what was his reward for being virtuous?

Of course, it all ends up happy with Joesph as ruler, brothers put in their place, Nancy out of the picture, Potiphar apologizing, and a real big all-cast production number & review of some of the best songs Andrew Loyd Weber has churned out.

There are some of us that try every day to make what our heart tells us is the right decision and never get either the production number or to try-on the multi-colored coat. Some feel like they don't ever make it out of prison.

And sometimes we think that being gay is a prison.
I know the feeling - or at least know what it feels like to try to do what I feel is the right thing. There was a time when I prayed and prayed and tried so hard to be straight. And then I prayed more and screwed up more and prayed again.

So, what is the reward of not having sex outside of marriage? Current wisdom will mock and call it a waste of time, or say that one is not being true to self or authentic, or faithful to what you really are. Surly the "Lord" would not put such pressure on one of his children. He would want us to follow whatever path we took. Feeling stifled? Can't do what comes naturally? Step out any follow everyone else!

These are terrific reasons. It would be easier to just stay with Nancy.

Looking back at Joseph, we know that the Lord was with him in prison - which means that he continued in faith to do what he believed to be true. He didn't blame God or start believing in a new god with easier rules. Though there were incredibly tough times for him, he did not veer from his beliefs.

And the Lord was with him.

Even in prison, Joseph was not defeated. He remained faithful to the Lord and to the teachings of his youth. He lived the commandments and made something good of his difficult & trying circumstances.

The world says to give in, or to give up, or to get it on. I want you to know that there are blessings in following the Lord - blessings you may not see right off.

...And purple and white and pink and orange and blue!


  1. Couldn't sleep tonight. Got on your blog. Thankyou.

  2. It should be pointed out that a servant in Joseph's predicament with his boss's wife Nancy, would most likely have been killed for just the accusation made. That he was thrown into prison shows that Potipher really did know the true character of Joseph (and Nancy) and knew the truth, and thus didn't order him killed. Further, it shows us that there is a greater plan in order even when we don't see the bigger picture.

    I posted about this recently, too.

  3. Now I've got that stupid soundtrack running through my head. Go go go Joseph! (or Cal)

  4. It takes a real man of men to wrasstle - with a goat! I agree with you and beck - there is a higher purpose - even if we dont se it. Faith promoting story. Thanks

  5. Mr.Calvin, an nClined

    While I don't quite get a dilemma here, you can't just get a job that doesn't persue your brain with any emotional attachment...to discover you arent' actually gay, just exposed to aThe Trigger happy sort with that equally supposed need to address ALL of humanities concerns with thr Gadgetry? Not all spiritual people who follow doctrines and with musical art/propencity be GAYS. The aJUST be artsy. That's the part of your brain that doesn't address a pure MATH-accountancy ONLY need...when it melds with theatre, music, drawings and all that on the daily basis...you can guarantee aThe Male's interp of himself will be to stranger himself through eye's of GAY precept. I'm all the above yet, FEMALE, yet I'm not GAY...WHY? because my human form doesn't address each emoting dilemmeurree with any spazztic reactional penis-employed mechanism making one FEEL he's supposed to respond with that THANG. It's not the HOLY undone, it's the UnDone'd Wholesome.

    What beez I saying against you for? I'm NOT. I am just against your NOT knowing that it was aTHE MOTHER in a person's life that controlled them to death to cause a fear for chosing a single mate to suit HER, not him alone. SO, if ANY man could take say 2 or at least that many wives...would he return out of supposed 'gayness' into a realm once thought to have been merely 'taboo' for his realms of peace afford?