Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Caffeine and the Worthy Goal

I am looking at creating a few new year resolutions today. I am trying to approach new year goals with a serious resolve I usually reserve for the scriptures, my CD collection, or desert. Don't laugh. Desert is a serious subject for those who do not drink, smoke, steal or have sex outside of marriage.

A lot of people I know tell me they don't believe in making resolutions for the new year. They believe that they are just setting themselves up for failure by setting a goal that is unobtainable, or one they know they aren't going to keep anyway.

Why set a goal you don't think you can reach? I always think I can reach these goals. That is my charm and my downfall. If I really am serious about a goal, then dang it, I'm gonna get it done! It's my resolve that I question - not my ability.

I believe, due to my exhaustive experience in goal-failing, that success is is really based on attitude. If you, after three days of going without a Diet Coke have a complete and total meltdown and inhale a caffeinated beverage at breakneck speed suffering whiplash in the process, then yes, you screwed up. You recommit to the goal or make a new one. You don't just give up! You don't just say screw it, I can never give up caffeine, so why even try.

How about a goal to loose weight. I would love to loose ten pounds this year. Actually I would like to loose ten pounds this week. So I do well for several days and then, Whammo! I eat an entire Marie Calenders chocolate silk pie with pecan crust. Is it over for me? No freakin way! I will chase it down with a large caffeinated beverage of my choice and try it again tomorrow!

Trying to be moral has been like this for me. Hoard a pie and then a week diet - a really funky cycle that I had to break. Fortunately, the cycle has been broken up to a huge degree for me. I still face challenges, but I have had some huge successes also. Thank God, literally, for successes that keep us in the game.

Remember that failure is never final and caffeine is forever. Keep trying. That is the point that I am not making very well. Make Heavenly Father part of the process, keep a sense of humor, and keep trying.

And hand me a Diet Coke.

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  1. Caffeine is forever! Yeah! I'm a do the dew man. I like the idea of change the 'tude, man!