Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Proposition Ate My Homework -The Prequel

Hey Handsomes and Prittys. I wrote the essay with the above title, posted it and went on my merry. I removed it because I needed to re-think it due to some rather painful but true-as-heck feedback. I just posted the version I should have written the first time. Maybe I may add a photo of me and we'll all target practice. (And there it is! Gosh, I'm good!)

A question for you readers. Are you OK with me not knowing stuff? To keep this blog moving, do I have to know? If that is the case, then, as a good friend pointed out to me, I may be done here.

I really want to create a space for people who are making decisions in their life to be able to read and think and discuss and maybe to go to the lord in prayer. For some reason my wonderful blog to help people is turning into a soapbox or a reloading dock or worse. That's not what I wanted it to be.

I spent an hour arguing with a guy on line last night about whether the term "SSA" was valid or not. WTFF? (Where's The Freakin' Faith?) It was like bad Benny Hill. Is that what I'm here for? Is that what I have created? I make a rather lousy keystone cop. (Ah, come on? You haven't seen Benny Hill?)

Anyway, read the new and improved version if you please. And forgive me too, please.


  1. Cal, dude. Eloquent, bold and utterly wrong! Just kidding. I don't know a thing either, but I have made the same choice you have. I still want things to be fair and I hate it that they arn't. Like women and the priesthood. I don't understand that either, but in my heart I know it's right - for now. My heart still bleeds for those of us involved. You are gutsy.

  2. Oh, most definitely NOT the most popular point of view in these parts. Call me if you need an armed guard to escort you to EQ.

  3. So here's my question - and I ask this sincerely, not trying to pick a fight about it:

    How do I reconcile my belief in the word of God as administered by Joseph Smith (D&C 134:2, Article of Faith 11) with my belief in the living Prophet?

    I see the Proclamation as stating that hetersexual marriage is ordained of God but that doesn't mean that we don't allow others to believe otherwise according to the dictates of their conscience.

  4. I know you are not picking a fight and I thank you for the questions.
    I truly don't see that a reconciliation is necessary. The 11th AofF states that we claim freedom to believe and worship for all. 134:2 states that no country can exist in peace without these freedoms and rights to choose. The FP stated that marriage of Man and Woman is sanctioned of God. These things you know and I re-state for the rest of us.
    We Mormons will fight for the rights of people to choose. I do. It seems you do. Still there are laws created by lawmakers speaking for the majority of us, the people. We follow those laws – and as in AofF #12 – we will sustain the law, and choose to utilize our right to influence those laws.
    Though the LDS believe marriage is for a man and a woman, we fight for the rights of all men to choose. Those who choose differently from the words of the prophets still choose. Those who follow the words of the prophets choose also. As ever, there are consequences of each and every decision everyone of us make.
    As far as a reconciliation is concerned, modern prophets said marriage between a man and a woman is sanctioned of god, and I infer from that the another type of marriage is not sanctioned. Do you take that as what is being said also? If that is what is being said, I suppose we can choose to do something that God doesn't sanction in this case as in others.
    Did that answer anything for you?

  5. I think you are wrong about it being a soapbox. I think you pose interesting ideas and thoughts about your personal life. Issues that there is obviously an audience for. Do any of us KNOW anything? I guess I know I love my child, and my family, aside from those I'm not sure I know anything. I think we have to be comfortable with uncertainty if we can't be it just (in my experience) leads to unhappiness and self-flagellation. I think it, not knowing, also leads to humility and surrender- it's okay not to know. Not knowing allows me to be open to new information and a different perspective, which for me is always a good thing.

  6. There's a lot more at work here than the Proc. on the Family and revelation. Does anyone here really think that the law of plural marriage has nothing to do with why the church is fighting gay marriage so vigorously?