Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Are You Looking At?

Why do our genitals seem to run, and become the very focus of, our life?
Look out and up, Men! Sex is a part of a very full life. What are the other parts? And how are you living them? And if you don't have other parts, I think you should get some!


  1. My feeling exactly. Are straight guys in the church always looking for a lay? No. there is a life to be had. A great full life. Thank's Cal

  2. I know that guy! Allways looking for the next exploit to feel like he is a somebody important. Only he is important all along - but hes too bust looking know.

  3. Thanks for being a bit in my face - sorry - about a common problem. I am more than I give myself credit for.

  4. If you tell a child he or she can't have something, isn't it often the case that the child is going to want it more (or obsess over it more) than if they just had the thing. It seems the people most obsessed with what you describe above are those who have been told, even though they've been hardwired to want it, that they can't have that. (Of course there are sex addicts too.)

    And yes, most single straight guys in the church are looking for a lay. They just couch it in more benign terms like "hand holding" or "kissing."

  5. Sean. Men arn't children. Men have the knowledge and ability to make a choise. There are some that choose differently that you appear to have.

    Also, neither straight men, nor gay men refer to handholding or kissing as getting laid. Except on "Big Love"

    Just saying it like it is, dude.

  6. But sometimes they behave as children.

    As Stephen Fry said, "the only people who obsess about food are the obese and anorexics."

    Most healthy well adjusted people don't obsess over the stuff above in large part because it's not that big a deal as a normal, healthy part of their lives.

    There is more than one reason why young men in the church get married so early, and it's not just because that's what they are taught to do.

  7. Sometimes people in general behave as children. We cater in immaturity now? Healthy people don't focus on sex. There is no need. The authur's point seems to be that we MoHo's should find other things in life that also make us happy. I agree with the man.

    And are you speaking for young straight men in the church now, too? You get around!

  8. Says the person with a half naked man as his avatar. Healthy people don't focus on sex, but they also don't get bothered by it either.

    Are you so naive to believe that hormones and sex drive don't affect young straight men in the church?

  9. Showing the ab's, dude. And sex drive and hoemones are god given to replenish the earth. Some say men wouldn't marry without it. God knows what he is doing.

    Do you always insult people to get them to take you seriously? Try acting like a sensitive guy who likes guys.

  10. Where was the insult? I just have a hard time taking criticism of gays and sex seriously from someone that has a half naked man as an avatar.

    You criticized my writing that sex drive and hormones play a big part in why in why young men in the church get married so early. Yet now I think you agree. I didn't think it was that remarkable to say that men are going to get married earlier in a culture that teaches that even masturbation is evil.

  11. I prefer to think that the photo of me is half clothed. Nocriticizm from me to gays or straights or semi-bents. Saying that everyone should be able to define themselves with sexual preference and without.

    How's the new photo, dude?

  12. Better but needs more hair.