Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Elders Quorum: Stomping Grounds of the Gay Mormon Man

I am getting ready to teach a lesson in my Quorum (group of Mormon men) on the qualities of a priesthood holder. "Priesthood" is what Mormons call the power to act in the name of god. We believe that this power was given to ancient prophets Peter, James and John who received it from Jesus Christ himself. These men gave the power under his direction to Joseph Smith who gave it to worthy members of the LDS church. I received it from my dad, who received it from Spencer W Kimbell, who received it from Heber J Grant, from Brigham Young, from Joseph Smith. It is something we take very seriously. It is something I take seriously.

There is a classic example of how Jesus Christ would have priesthood holders minister to those who are in need. When Peter and John, as was recorded in the book of the Acts of the Apostles of the New Testament, approached a man who had never walked and who was at the gates of the temple, instead of giving him money, the apostle Peter said to him, “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.” (Acts 3:6.)

He didn't just give him stuff or drop a dime into his cup - though there is nothing wrong with helping a dude out - don't get me wrong. Peter used the priesthood power which had been given to him to use in the name of Jesus Christ.

Then, Peter took the beggar by the right hand and lifted him up. (Acts 3:7.) Remember that it wasn't enough for Peter to command him to walk. Peter took him by the hand and lifted him up.

As priesthood holders we are to, like the apostle Peter, take those in need by the arm, encourage them, and give them a sense of security and respect for themselves until they can rise above their challenges to stand on their own feet.

The power to act in the name of god, and revelation from god are two of the most important differences between what Mormons believe and what other Christians believe.

Well. There was part of the little sermonette for class.


Anyway, I am preparing for my lesson by cross-referencing a few scriptures so I can appear intelligent. I like looking like I am smart. It is almost as nice as actually being smart. The best is when I look smart, yet caring and tolerant of others who aren't quite as brainy or well informed. What a guy I am.

Here is the list of qualities a priesthood holder strives-for: Patience, Long-Suffering, Gentleness and Meekness, Love Unfeigned, Kindness, Intelligence, Caring Of & For Others, Seeks to Improve the Talents Given, Seeks To Encourage Others,...is this list looking familiar? Mormon men and gay men want to be sensitive. Mormon men and gay men are caring. Mormon men and gay men wear nice suits. OK, that was silly.

The success of priesthood holders is measured in part by a capacity to love others. I am not trying to say that a bunch of men in a room trying to love one another is like being gay, or that one would have to be gay to sit in a room with a bunch of men to learn to love each other. I am saying that there are an awful lot of qualities shared by the two groups.

With one exception.

Mormon men don't have sex outside of marriage.


  1. I do love being in Elders Q. Today I felt like part of a group. It didn't matter that I was gay, or the other guy was poor, we were all working together. Thanks for the blog

  2. Tell it like it is, why don't 'cha. I love being with the guys in EQ

  3. I am wood in Elders Quorem. Sorry to say. It's hard to keep my mind on the lession. I need to get out more

  4. Love it! Go with it! Education is key.