Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Agenda

I was recently confronted by an incredibly learned gentleman who chided my writing ability. Spelling and grammar, or the lack there-of were his targets. And with reason. Unfortunately, I had handed him the ammo myself. I can't spell and I have never met a run-on sentence I didn't like. If a malapropism and/or creative conjugation gets a smile out of somebody or can be used to make a point, so be it. Bad grammar can be a tool of choice. At least, that is what I am using for today's excuse.

Also, I went to grammar school in Idaho. I cant spell potatoe, but I can probably beat you into one if you mess with my family or my diet coke. Take that all you snooty spellers and grammar-philes.

Yeah, yeah, I cant spell. Sorry. But I still like myself and I think most people to whom I don't know money like me too.

I am not a General Authority. Surprise! I am not a Bishop, and my stint in the Elders Quorum presidency is infamous at best. (You may have heard of the great Mormon film-strip incident of 2001. It was in all the papers. Okay, only the SL Tribune).

There are a few things I feel that I do well. When I don't do something well, something that needs to be done, I make my apologizes to the perfectionists & the in-laws and then do it anyway. When I speak it or mis-spell it, I do so on my own. I don't speak for the LDS church. I don't speak for any organization.

I am a Mormon Man. I have a temple recommend. I am homosexual in orientation. I do not, however, have sex with anyone but my lawful spouse. I am married to a woman. She knows of my orientation and of my past. My past is very, shall we say, colorful and sorted. I am lucky to not be HIV positive.

There are reasons I have made the choices I have made since my oat-sowing days. But, because I have made and am making these decisions for my life does not give me the authority or ability to make them for anyone else. Nor am I so influenced or obligated by the life choices of others. Ask me a question, and I will answer it to the best of my ability. The answer for me may change tomorrow.

I believe that I don't know everything. I believe that I will continue to learn as I go along. I believe that there is no one on earth with all the answers and only a few with access to these answers.

These people will not be online or on this blog spot. This is not a topic that will be soon discussed from the pulpit. That's one of the reason I write.

I didn't start this blog with an outline. I am not reciting from a manual. I write as I question and am questioned. I want to learn and assist in learning. I would also like to make people laugh if at all possible without having to post another photo.

Dont make me post it!


  1. I am certainly not here because of my writing skills. They suck. But you do make me laugh and I like that. I like your agenda.

  2. You make me laugh, too. And not just as your creative usage, Dr. Suess, anyone? You are funny and thoughtful

  3. I am another gay married spud boy, but I can spell potato!

  4. It seems like every third blog post or so is an apology or explanation of sorts. Stop it! Just write!

  5. Dont worry so much what negativity others bring in. There will be a lot of crap thrown at you. Keep following the spirit of what you are doing.