Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tim Tebow's Mama!

I didn't see the infamous ad. I saw a small 15 second one at the beginning of the game with Tebow tackling his mother and her shrugging him off like a fly that was cute, but obviously not the controversial one. And I did see the Betty White Snickers Ad and thought it was not only adorable, but effective in that I remembered it was for "Snickers".

Oh, come on, MoHoMen! I'm talking about the Super Bowl! Did anyone see the Super Bowl? Austin Collie, New Orleans, The Who? Tight White Pants?

Well, for those who didn't and instead watched St Elmo's Fire on Lifetime, it was a football game that happened on Sunday right after sacrament meeting played by the Colts and the Saints, and the Colts were supposed to win, but they couldn't pull it out - much to my personal chagrin.

The commercial I am mentioning was supposed to be a pro-choice debacle with Tim and his mom featured.

Was there any controversy? Did the anti-pro-life people freak out for nothing?

My wife believes it was some maniacal plot, a ploy - that the Right baited the Left and got the response they wanted - a loud and public discussion that was worth more-than-the-million-dollar price tag paid for the advertisement it's self.

I think she is attributing to the Right more brains than probable.

What Say You?


  1. Yeah, the prochoice side got played. They story focus on the family wanted to get out was repeated over and over on tv, they didn't even need to mention it in the ad.

  2. As it happened, my boyfriend and I were in a gay bar in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC when the game started on the bar's TV. A few people in the bar knew who was playing, and a couple even knew the rules of the game (you can forgive the Australian tourist who happened to be sitting next to me for his ignorance). After finishing our game-special hot wings and drinking our Sissyboytinis, my BF and I left the bar and went to see a gay-themed Off-Broadway play. We took the subway home after the show and didn't bother to check who won the game until breakfast the next day.

    Does this count as the gayest superbowl ever? I think we have the Lifetime channel beat.

  3. I'm not sure what was better, the 7 layer dip or the game itself!

  4. The dip was good. Super Bowl is second only to Cinco de Mayo for Guacamole production. Love the dip. I think the "right" played the game best - with the PR thing. Your wife is correct.

  5. I live just a couple miles up the road from Focus on the Family headquarters and I am not a fan of the gay-bashing, Mormon-hating organization (FYI... you can't work there if you are LDS because you do not believe in the "correct" Christ).

    That said, I agree that they definitely got their money's worth of publicity for that ad. The local news here interviewed a Focus on the Family spokeswoman who indicated that their website traffic was up significantly the week BEFORE the Superbowl.

    Personally, I don't care what the ad is for... if Tim Tebow's in it - I'm watching. (Sorry, had to be said.)